税务筹划 Tax Planning

  • 社会财富只有经过合理、合法的个人税务规划才可能真正变成个人可以支配的个人财富。

  • 家庭税务申报为您详尽讲解税务原理,专业报税服务让您在加拿大生活没有税务的烦恼。

  • 海外资产规划让您合法放心享用移民加拿大之前积累的财富!

  • Tax planning is very important for every Canadian tax resident, especially for the new immigrant. We provide the best professional personal tax services to all Canadian tax resident.


保险架构 Insurance

  • 分红人寿保险是对家人的关爱和责任,更是生命价值的体现。为自己以及家人建立一个遮蔽人生风雨的财富港湾的同时,实现家族财富的高效传承。

  • 重大疾病保险给幸福的生活多一份保障,避免一“病”回到解放前。

  • ​企业团体保险为员工家庭提供保障,为企业留住优秀人才。

  • Insurance is the key to have a better life in Canada. We provide various types of insurance, including life insurance, critical illness insurance, travel insurance, group insurance, etc. We also specialize in the corporate life insurance.


投资理财 Investment

  • 保险公司稳健投资产品是财富保值增值的避风港湾。

  • 政府免税复利增长的投资项目最大化、快速增加你的财富。

  • ​大额高端私人财富平台给您惊喜连连,超出预期的回报。

  • The investment products in insurance company is safe and stable.

  • Some investment products in insurance company have tax saving benefits.

  • We also provide the private wealth investment service for high-net worth people which bring the surprisingly high  investment return.

Marble Surface
文化传媒 Culture&Media



· 文化活动策划,年会策划,会展组织等…


· Cultural event planning, annual meeting planning, exhibition organization, etc...



· 歌舞,戏剧,音乐,综合文化表演…

· Song and dance, drama, music, comprehensive cultural performance...


Tai Chi

· 以柔克刚,以静待动,以小胜大,以弱胜强

· Take the soft gram, wait for the move, win the big, win the weak



· 电影电视剧参投、合拍,企业宣传片,形象片,广告片,策划,制作…

· Film and TV dramas, co-productions, corporate videos, image films

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